---Price List---

Full Head Dreadlocks-  Price: $50.00/ hr
Best results with shoulder length (10- 12 inch) hair.

Dreadlocks with extensions- Price: $50.00/ hr plus the cost of hair. Hair cost will be discussed during consultation.
Your hair will need to be at least 4 inches long. Time estimation- 15- 20 hours

Extending mature dreadlocks- Price: $60.00/ hr plus the cost of hair. Time estimation varies 5-8 hours

Dreadlock maintenance and repair- Price: $50.00/ hr
Time estimation is depending on condition of hair, amount of dreadlocks and any needed repairs

Partial dreadlocks- Price: $50.00/hr
Dreadlocks created on a portion of your hair. Examples- one or two rows under loose hair, dreadhawks, dreads with shaved sides or an undercut. Time estimation  3 - 6hours

Loose extension tips- Price: $50.00/hr plus cost of hair
Adding loose, long tips to the end of locks can create a feminine, flowy, soft look.  Time Estimation 2-4 hours

Custom order synthetic dreadsets- Prices vary depending on design. All kinds of colors and variations are available. Sets typically include synthetic dreadlocks, synthetic braids, hair wraps with beads...you think it, I'll make it.

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