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This is how Ann-marie, Seienstyle CEO describes the dreadlock technique I studied and use on all clients:


“The method that I have developed works like this – I start by tying a synthetic fiber thread close to the scalp and then the dread builds up with backcombing and crocheting the hair together with the help of a unique crocheting technique. This is used to create the desired shape and size that you want. This technique works on all types of hair, it doesn’t matter if you have typically thin Scandinavian hair, Asian, Latin or if you have Afro hair, this method works on everybody!”

So it is a mixed technique of root tying, backcombing and crocheting. This makes for an even round dreadlock that will mature both fast and beautifully!

Keep in mind that dreadlocks shrink and when locking up your hair you loose 1/4 – 1/3 part of the original length. The recommendation is that you should have at least shoulder length hair (25-30cm) to lock up your own hair into dreads. However using real human hair extensions you can lock up your hair into long dreadlocks at the minimum length of 10cm. In dreadlockextensions I always use real human hair only because it matures the same as your own hair and provides a natural long lasting result."

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