An accurate description of St. Augustine as written in a March 2019 article in The New York Times:

    If you think the Sunshine State is all about theme parks and frying on the beaches, you probably haven’t been to St. Augustine. In the oldest, continuously occupied European settlement in North America, visitors get the glorious beaches along with a healthy dose of unexpected delights: Spanish colonial and Moorish-style architecture, interesting museums and history galore. Founded as a Spanish colonial outpost in 1565 — 55 years before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock — the Ancient City feels vaguely European, albeit with better air-conditioning. It’s also a distinctly American place where you can indulge in a butter pecan milkshake; explore the city’s 144-block Historic District on foot or bike... The water at the city’s fabled Fountain of Youth might not transport you back to your younger days, but there’s enough magic on St. Augustine’s brick streets to make you a believer.







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Savannah Gowdy

St. Augustine, FL


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